Preventative Maintenance

Set service schedules and reminders across your fleet.

Stay on top of regular service items such as oil changes, wheel alignments, brakes and more. Manage reminders in bulk with Service Programs and Ezee Fleet will remind you when service is due - helping you increase efficiency and maximize vehicle uptime.


Issue Management

Identify Issues - > Resolve with maintenance

Capture issues as soon as they arise. Maintain a complete history of vehicle issues effortlessly. Report and collaborate on vehicle issues in real-time.

Service History & Service Entry

Keep a detailed service history for every vehicle

See vehicle service history as well as when, how and who performed it. Keep detailed service records and identify which vehicles are regularly in the shed as well as their associated maintenence costs. Ensure clean data with standardized service classifications, allowing you to analyze maintenance spend across vehicle systems.


Job Cards

Use digital Job Cards for your work

Plan, schedule and carry out detailed fleet maintenance work orders, tasks and costs. Efficiently track service work and every associated line item from start to finish and analyze cost of service for your assets.

Fuel Management

Simplify fuel data collection

Monitor, control and reduce fuel spend, Simplify fuel data collection, improve accuracy and reduce time to insight with a modern fuel management solution. Optimize fuel usage and understand how fuel contributes to operating costs.


Document Renewals Reminders

Easily schedule and assign reminder

Reminder for everything - license and registration, warranty info, loan/lease data, telematics data, group/location, important documents, notes and more. Set a reminder before the closing date arrives.

Manage Anything & Everything that affects your Vehicle

View Entire acivity on your Vehicle Dashboards

Upload Documents,Photos & other important files online
With vehicle-related files and images stored in Ezee fleet, you'll always be able to access critical documents wherever you are.
Add Comments
Comment on your Vehicle & see the history written for your vehicles from all sources.